Laundry liquid, all fabrics — FRAGRANCE FREE — no allergen


Discover our fragrance-free laundry in 1L format!

100% of the ingredients that compose it are of natural origin and are all 100% biodegradable which allowed us to create a formula that respects both laundry and sensitive skin of the whole family.

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Its soft formula guarantees a brilliant result while respecting the skins of the whole family. It is dermatologically tested to suit sensitive to reactive skin and baby linen.Healthy, it is free of essential oil, dye or preservatives. These ingredients 100% of natural origin and biodegradable are environmentally friendly. 

The product advantages:

. Suitable for sensitive and reactive skin (Dermatologically tested)
. Allergen-free
. Without essential oil
. No dye or preservative
. Without toxic residue
. Without risk symbol
. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
. 100% biodegradable on the entire formula
. Patented and validated efficiency in a professional environment (nurseries, schools)
. Ecocert and Safelife certification
. 94% of testers would recommend this detergent
. Made in France

Composition: Aqua, Gluconate sodium, Lauryl sulfate sodium salts, Alkylpolyglycosides, Sodium chloride, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Citric acid, Potassium cocoate

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin

Capacity: 1 L

Perfume: Fragrance-free

Certification: Ecocert, Safelife

Instructions for use:

In the machine: for a laundry of 4 to 5 Kg, pour a 40ml stopper into the washing machine compartment.

By hand: pour a 15ml stopper of laundry for 5L of warm water.
Rub well and rinse thoroughly.

Sort laundry and take into account textile care tips.
In case of stubborn stains, apply the laundry directly to the stains and machine wash with your usual program.


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