Organic repairing cream for the diaper 75g


Essential for baby’s cleansing, organic diaper cream has been designed and designed to take care of baby’s seat. It prevents the appearance of redness and regenerates its sensitive skin.

100% natural origin
29% of ingredients from organic farming
Non-nanoparticle zinc oxide
Phenoxyethanol free

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The restorative diaper cream with organic calendula effectively prevents the appearance of redness and regenerates your baby’s already weakened epidermis.
Thanks to its exceptional rate of rapeseed oil, organic diaper cream provides a large amount of essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. It is restructuring and brings suppleness and elasticity to the skin.
Non-nano zinc oxide has protective and absorbent properties, prevents and relieves diaper rash in babies by strengthening the skin barrier while thus preserving the seat, even irritated, from direct exposure to the outside environment.
Tidoo has chosen to use zinc without nanoparticles to prevent it from penetrating into the lower layers of baby’s skin.

Erycare® Repairing Cream for the diaper effectively prevents the appearance of redness and regenerates baby’s sensitive skin .

Based on 6 certified organic ingredients:
– Non-nano Zinc Oxide promotes the reconstruction of the skin barrier
– The moisturizing trio of Argan Oil, Rapeseed Oil and Shea Butter softens and nourishes the skin
– The repairing couple Wax Bee and Calendula rich in vitamin A and E, nourishes, relieves irritation and facilitates healing

Phenoxyethanol free

Its scent is natural


Dermatologically tested

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin and 29% are from Organic Farming

French manufacture , which reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing journeys

Tidoo® is committed to the animal cause: none of our products are tested on animals


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