Tidoo ecological diapers 2-5 kg (26 pcs)


Our TIDOO disposable diapers are both ecological, efficient and made in France. They do not contain any controversial ingredients.

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Baby’s skin is very delicate and fragile, it needs to be taken care of from birth. Tidoo diapers are perfect for this because they do not contain harmful ingredients and do not contain unwanted ingredients and chemicals (chlorine, dyes). Tidoo diapers for newborns (XS size) are designed for a baby weighing from 2 to 5 kg. These diapers have a special cutout on the belt for the care of the umbilical wound, which allows the baby’s navel to always remain open and protects this sensitive area from friction, as well as promotes faster healing.
– light, soft, gentle, hypoallergenic and do not impede the baby’s movement;
– the diaper belt is elastic at the front and back;
– do not squeeze the baby’s tummy, protect against leakage, do not dangle and do not cause discomfort to the child


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